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The New American Dream Towns

Think Utopia doesn't exist? Maybe not yet—but these ten towns are making a play for perfection with adventure-friendly innovation and cool ideas for building smart communities. Plus the hottest concepts in urban revival, combating sprawl, and better hometown living. 

Top Picks
Where to settle? So many cities have so much to offer. Author Nancy Opiela sifted through loads of surveys and “best of” lists to single out a few winners. 

Top 25 fittest and fattest cities in the U.S.

Sure, obesity is a problem in this country, but when you think fat, you probably don't think Miami. So you may be surprised to find Men's Fitness magazine ranks Miami as the nation's fattest city in its annual survey. The fittest? Salt Lake City.

7 Top Trail Towns

From all points of the compass we selected the best trail running towns you may not know about.

Just Don't Breathe

This list shows the top 25 cleanest cities/metropolitan areas and the 25 cities/metropolitan areas with the most year-round soot.

Triathlete's 20 Best Places to Live

We didn’t use a scientific formula to put together this list. We didn’t worry whether or not certain areas of the country were adequately represented. We just put a few of the world’s biggest tri-geeks in a conference room and asked ourselves one question: If you were moving, and triathlon training was the main criteria dictating your decision, where would you go?

The 21 Best Cities for Cycling

Thanks to bridge access, bike lanes, signed routes and programs that make roads safe for riders of all ages, bicycles have seamlessly blended into Portland's culture, but also helped shape it--with bike-shop hangouts (dog and leather couch included), sculptures both artistic (the roof of River City Cycles) and functional (the bike racks at Powell's Books), and dirt trails within city limits.

The Last Unknown Places

So you say it's harder than ever to find solitude on the trail?  Maybe you're just not looking in the right spots.  Here are five stunning backcountry stashes that are so rarely visited you'll never have to deal with permits, noisy neighbors, or guidebooks tipping off the crowds.

The 25 Best Running Cities in America

Great races. Awe-inspiring routes. Passionate Runners. These cities deliver all that--and more.

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